Whimsical Tangerine Wedding at Wente

The Wente Terrace Lawn is always a enjoyable area of the winery to hold a reception, especially on a beautiful sunny day. We were so lucky to work on this whimsical wedding, and wanted to share some of the photos with all of you! Our bride was looking for a fun, natural, whimsical look and that is exactly what she received. Every bride has a different feeling that they want at their wedding, and it is our job to figure out exactly how to execute that.  With today’s easy access to all things bridal via Pinterest, Tumblr, or even different blogs like this one, ideas are abundant, but the most important thing is making sure that every bride is shining through her floral design. This wedding had both tall and short centerpieces with lots of loose layers and colors. In the low centerpieces the tangerine and celery colors mixed well with a few light blush blooms and some seeded Eucalyptus. We love it when we are able to give our brides a little something extra, in this case we had some extra centerpieces so we were able to place one on the buffet table. Once we saw the stark black and white vase on the buffet, we knew that was the perfect place to create some contrast with our fluffy and whimsical arrangement. The tall centerpieces made more of a statement with Bells of Ireland and Curly Willow creating a playful and lighthearted feeling.  When trying to create an arrangement with a natural feeling, it is important to think of color blocking sort of like flower blocking. Keeping each type of bloom in loose fitting blocks, you can create the natural feeling while still keeping a pulled together look.


Whimsical weddings are all about freedom of design, rather than a formal feeling of wrapping everything together in a pretty ribbon. Mason jars are a great way to create this feeling because it allows for that, D-I-Y feeling of, “I just pulled these from my canning cabinet” and allows you to keep the stems bared for adding that extra bit of natural color.  As you can see in these photos, wooden crates were also heavily used. They are able to give a neutral background for the arrangements, while still keeping a natural and D-I-Y feel.

The Flower House whimsical

The cake was also fantastic and truly embodied the style and feeling of this wedding. At first glance it looks like a stack of old wooden crates, but no, it is in fact another successful cake done by the Wente pastry department. Not only was it a cake, but also a great photo opportunity for the new couple and guests alike. With the wedding details embellished on the cake, it was a way to really remember the special day. Using flowers such as Callas, Dahlias, Vanda Orchids, Hypericomb Berries, and Circus Roses this cake became a tangerine extravaganza to remember, which is exactly what every couple wants on their special day.