The Flower House Introduces...

The Flower House is proud to announce Executive Assistant and blogger, Lauren Tenuta! Lauren is excited to be working in such a creative and fun industry with some very talented people.  Although she has a degree in Anthroplogy, weddings and event planning have always been of huge interest to her. She has grown up in the wine industry as her mom owns Tenuta Vineyards in Livermore.  Helping plan and execute weddings on the property really fueled her to gain a higher knowledge on the subject and when a job opening came up at The Flower House she was more than enthused to interview! Working with brides and helping them realize what their visions and personalities are through flowers makes her job not only rewarding, but a creative outlet as well. Lauren is also a newly engaged bride herself. She is currently planning a wedding for September 2011. Wedding planning for her has actually been quite fun and a great way to learn about what is popular in modern weddings today. She does not want the planning to end, but the best part is, when her wedding is done and over she can look forward to the event production of other bride's weddings! Lauren met her fiance, Chris, at Tenuta Vineyards about 4 years ago when she had moved home after graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Chris was pouring in the tasting room when Lauren's mom encouraged her to meet a young man who she just thought was a peach. Lauren could tell there was a little bit of wine involved with Chris's job of pouring that day, so she did her due diligence and said hello, but did not even think that this would be the man she would marry. He needed to make a greater impression than that... Chis contacted Lauren through Facebook the next day because he obviously thought more of her. She met his dog later that day and they went to Uncle Yu's for their first date; the rest is history. Lauren's mom is now regretting that she had ever insinuated that interaction and that the power of Facebook exists!

Lauren's wedding will be in a backyard overlooking Ruby Hill golf course and have a clean, garden kind of feel. She loves orchids and pinks and sparkly things, like any girl! All of these will hopefully be incorporated into the wedding. She looks forward to that special day as much as any bride would and having the experience herself has really allowed her to be able to relate better with how brides are feeling up until the day of their wedding. It can be crazy and stressful, but the most important thing is to remember that it is YOUR day and every effort should be made to make it special and exactly what she has envisioned.

Lauren is looking forward to blogging more frequently about weddings in the area and posting pictures of beautiful wedding flowers. Blogging and writing are of great interest to her and blogging about weddings is the icing on the cake!

We welcome Lauren to The Flower House team and as one of their brides!