The Caves at Wente


The caves at Wente are a truly magical place to hold an intimate wedding ceremony.  The lighting, the flowers, and the ambiance make a  romantic setting for a couple to exchange their wedding vows among family and friends.  The picture above is from the most recent ceremony that the The Flower House was a part of.  The gorgeous candelabras with flickering white candles were the newest addition to the wine caves at Wente.  Their setting on the wine barrels with rose petals scattered around the bottom contributed to the romantic feel of the wedding ceremony; along with the matching rose petals down the aisle.

The caves at Wente are a great option for brides who would like an indoor ceremony anytime of the year.  The caves are a blank canvas where a bride can showcase her personality through the flowers and other decor.  The low lighting and intimate feel contribute to the magic of the wine caves and the flowers a bride picks can really take it to the next level.  The petals down the aisle and on the barrels are a great touch for that romantic feel.

It was a truly gorgeous wedding that showcased the beauty of the Wente wine caves through the accents of yellow flowers and flickering candelabras.