The Beautiful Murrieta's Well

We had the great pleasure of helping our beautiful bride Addie with her fall inspired rustic wedding at Murrieta's Well.The colors were rich burgundy, oranges and bright yellow.  Addie liked structure and textured so her bouquets was roses, callas and orchids and she was able to put a small cluster in the side of her updo. The one thing about the well that I think people go wrong is the linens.  You want to compliment the room and design choice.  We did a warm burlap taupe with dark wood chairs.  The twine on the napkins continued with the rustic feel.  The centerpieces were made in square wood boxes with a great deal of texture such as sunset safari and green bunny grass.

The altar was created with barrels and rust french pots with the same texture as the centerpieces and bouquets.  The petals down the aisle soften the concrete to complete the vision.  Congratulations Addie and Bronson!

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