Tuscany in the Vineyards

Megan and Justin were married at the fabulous Casa Real in Pleasanton, CA.  Casa was a perfect background for their tuscan themed wedding.  Megan is all about textured and interesting elements for her florals.  We began her back drop with burgundy and deep purples.  When I think of Italy I think of olives, wine and abundance of food. Olive branches, burgundy garden roses and purple artichokes began the journey into their florals.  Megan held burgundy garden roses, tulips, mokara orchids, monkey tails, black callas, artichokes, and to compliment her dress we added a few ivory roses. and to complete the texture we added the olive branches. Megan and Justin Cain Wedding 0278-(ZF-7904-46402-1-002)Megan and Justin Cain Wedding 0273-(ZF-7904-46402-1-001)Megan and Justin Cain Wedding 0416-(ZF-7904-46402-1-006)

The girls held a smaller version of Megan's with no ivory giving them a rich vibrance of burgundy and deep purples that complimented the eggplant dresses.  For Justin we did a black calla, monkey tail and some olives leaves to tie the two of them together.

Megan and Justin Cain Wedding 0298-(ZF-7904-46402-1-003)Megan and Justin Cain Wedding 0307-(ZF-7904-46402-1-004)Megan and Justin Cain Wedding 0321-(ZF-7904-46402-1-005)Megan and Justin Cain Wedding 0535-(ZF-7904-46402-1-014)

The ceremony was held inside the amber room were we placed Pleasanton Rentals iron stands on the first, middle and last chairs and used the tops of the centerpieces to create a dramatic ceremony space without spending any extra money.  Once the ceremony and the guests were enjoying passed appetizers and cocktails, Casa staff placed the florals on tall cylinder vases with curly willow inside continuing the theme of harvest, roots and abundance. Purple hydrangea, roses, olive, orchids, rosemary filled the grand ballroom of

Megan and Justin passed out their favors of small bottles of olive oil with infusion of rosemary stems as people will be able to see, small and now taste all the elements of Tuscan wedding in the Pleasanton Vineyards.  Congratulations Megan and Justin. A great big thank you to Jeramie Lu Photography for these beautiful shots.

Megan and Justin Cain Wedding 0530-(ZF-7904-46402-1-008) Megan and Justin Cain Wedding 0638-(ZF-7904-46402-1-009)Megan and Justin Cain Wedding 0514-(ZF-7904-46402-1-007) Megan and Justin Cain Wedding 0693-(ZF-7904-46402-1-011) Megan and Justin Cain Wedding 0696-(ZF-7904-46402-1-010) Megan and Justin Cain Wedding 0732-(ZF-7904-46402-1-012) Megan and Justin Cain Wedding 0769-(ZF-7904-46402-1-013)