Blue Beauty

The Mountain Winery in Saratoga California, with it's amazing panoramic views and romantic European winery ambiance made this wedding a special one. Pastel blue, peach and blush pink flowers added softness and texture, the bright sun and the warm breeze made a perfect outdoor ceremony. The lovely bride carried a rounded bouquet of serenity blue hydrangea, soft blush roses, white scabiosa, lisianthus, and blue thistle, her bridesmaids carried a smaller versions of the brides bouquet, going perfectly with their silver gray dresses. The groom and his groomsmen wore boutonnieres of tea roses and hydrangea.

Glass terrariums filled with flowers added little touches to the wedding space. Low lush centerpieces in gold cylinders were bursting with blue hydrangea, blush stock, white lisianthus, blue thistle, and blush astilbe. This couple is without a doubt "meant to BEE" with honey jars as wedding favors.

The wonderful photos were captured by Gladys Jem.


Mountain Winery Wedding

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This picturesque wedding was held at the stunning Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA. The beautiful bride carried a hand tied bouquet of blush pink, white and green, with peonies, mini cymbidium orchids, stock, dusty miller, spray roses, garden roses, and green succulents.  Her bridesmaids wore peach blush dress and carried bouquets of garden roses, peonies, stock, hypericum berries, spray roses, mini cymbidium orchids, and succulents. The groom and his groomsmen wore boutonnieres of spray roses, succulents, hypericum berries, and dusty miller.

The outdoor ceremony had an amazing view looking down over Saratoga and was surrounded by beautiful trees. The rounded textured barrel arrangements in white, peach, and blush included hydrangea, spray roses, garden roses, larkspur and trailing jasmine. The adorable hanging jar arrangements had garden roses, stock, hypericum berries, and succulents.

The indoor ceremony was romantic and textured with lit branches flanking the head table, with vases of the bridal bouquets down the center. The guest tables had rustic charm some tables  driftwood branches adorned wit orchids and succulents, others had rustic wood boxes with hydrangea, garden roses, stock, spray roses, dust miller, and berries.

Thank you to Sabine Scherer Photography for the beautiful Photos!