Blushing Bride- Simple and Elegant

Baby's Breath may not be seen in wedding designs as much as it once was, but with this table setting it's back... and gorgeous. With the small white flowers all bunched together, you get a very simple and elegant look. Taking inspiration from a bouquet of Baby's Breath wrapped with a Midori ribbon, this table makes a statement.


We debuted a few different looks at The Bridges Open House and called this one Blushing Bride. Starting with Napa Valley Linens in Glinda Lamour, the tables were given a classic girlish pink color. 4 bundles of Baby's Breath were interspersed among floating candles in 6", 8", and 10" vases. The candles really give the sparkle that light this table up. Using the vases filled with water creates an interesting effect on the flowers as the guests mingle with each other and take in the simple elegance of this table.

Blushing Bride

In order to wrap it all up and leave a sweet taste in your guests mouth, garnishing each place setting with a cake pop placed in a sand filled shot glass is a great idea!