Succulents and Today's Bride

Each week around our studio it seems that some sort of trend occurs organically, whether it seems that the colors of our weddings are similar, a certain flower keeps showing up in consultations, or styles are similar across our weddings for the week. The best part about it, is that even though there may be similarities, the designs are always so unique to each couple. Last week, I noticed succulents as something that seemed to be a recurring theme. I was getting flowers ready for the bridesmaid’s bouquets and sure enough, Hens and Chicks were on the production list. As I pulled the other flowers; Callas, Vanda Orchids, Agonis, Monkey Tails, and Parrot Tulips, I instantly loved the contrast between the earthy greens, dark chocolates, and the bright tangerine colors. The color palate had a wow factor, to say the least. 429682_3336501539043_1463737404_4670813_1851529836_n

The next day, as I was sitting at my desk a bouncy excited bride walked through the door. Many of our brides come in with ideas, knowing what inspires them, and having a vision; she was no different. She had seen one of our featured bouquets on our website, in the aubergine photo album, and instantly fell in love. She mentioned how she sent it to all of her friends and her mother and they all saw instantly that it was the bouquet she needed to have. What caught my attention was the fact that this bouquet also used succulents, and she had even pointed one out that we have growing in front of our office on her way in.   As we found out more about this bride we learned that her favorite store was Anthropologie, she liked the natural look of things but adding edgy touches to keep everything up-to-date, she is today’s generation of young brides.

succulent flat 2

This up and coming generation of brides has a specific style. Think of individual French press coffee’s for desserts, mixed greens from a local farmer for salad, microbrews for the bar, and succulents included in their bouquets. We are going to need to embrace clean lines that may be little bit blurred, rustic colors with pops of aubergine and celery, a retro style with today’s hot trends mixed in, and crème not white. Today’s hipsters are tomorrow’s brides and grooms, non traditional but classic.