Raining Purple

We absolutely love working at Murrieta's Well and we were so excited to work with such a rich color palette in this rustic space! A little bit of rain on her wedding day didn't get this bride down either - she was such a trooper! Amanda wanted rich purples for the overall look, but for her bouquet we kept it to ivories using roses, callas, tea spray roses, brovardia and lisi with a controlled and structured look that wouldn't overshadow her gorgeous dress. Her bridesmaids wore a pretty eggplant dress, so to complement their look we used purple callas with raspberry vandas, and the overall look was quite stunning. For the groom and his groomsmen we kept it modern with callas - white for the groom, and purple for the groomsmen.

With the rain, the ceremony had some minor last minute changes to work with the tent space but our team really pulled through and still made sure it was picture perfect. For the altar spray we used shades of purple with pops of raspberry vandas with smilax coming down and around the sides. We created two tall and rounded chocolate candelabra arrangements to go on either side of the arch, on top of two wine barrels. We lined the aisles with lavender petals and used hanging jars filled rich hues of purple to hang on select chairs down the aisle - these were later used for cocktail hour and dessert table, which is a great way to repurpose your ceremony arrangements!

For the reception, the candelabra arrangements were brought in to be placed on the head table, along with glass vases for the girls' bouquets and a scattering of lavender petals on a rich purple linen. On the guests table we placed square wood boxes using the bridal flowers in shades of purple and pops of orchids  - against the linens, the chiavari chairs and the rustic light fixtures with candles, the atmosphere was truly warm and inviting.

We hope Amanda and her husband Matt are still enjoying their newly-wedded bliss! It was a joy to work with you!

Thank you Kim Serveau Photography for the gorgeous pictures!