Meeting with David Tutera

P1000246In February of 2011 we attended the Idea Factory Convention in Las Vegas.  We had three days of educational classes from how to blog, new trends of luxury brides, how to deal with social media amazing and great information.  We were inspired listening to the great event planner David Tutera.  He just signed on for two more seasons of his TV show My Fair Wedding!  One more in LA and then last one in NY.  I must say his designs have improved greatly since they have moved to Los Angeles.  The quality of lighting, entertainment, venues, and floral seem to far exceed the New York area.  He loves the fact that he changes people lives by creating amazing celebrations.  The brides he meets with start out with budgets for their entire wedding from $7000-$10,000.  When he and his team transform the celebrations the retail value is from $300,000-$500,000.  I found this of great information to explain to brides when they see something that he does what the real cost to achieve that beautiful and dramatic environments.

Some key things he said - Never say NO! We may not be able to have a budget of $500,000 with every client but find pieces of the puzzle of the elements that are really important to them and do those very well. Hire people better then you, Never give the client the added bottom line of the budget. Forecast where you want to be every three years.When you come up with a concept let it go and be the trendsetter.  If you are passionate of what we do then show the clients how excited you are and that you listen to what they are saying and even repeat the words back.

2009 the economy even hit him hard and his company was 65 employees and is now down to 25.  It made me feel good that event the best of the business was hurting just like us little people.

David is doing two celebrity wedding late this year and the new trend color will be RED.  I look forward to seeing what he comes up with.  I enjoyed seeing him and listening to how authentic he is as a person - what you see is what you get.  We can all learn from that.  I look forward to learning other great things at next years Idea Factory.