Meet Bethany, Our new Floral Assistant

Hi everyone! I am Bethany Wallace, and I am so excited to be working here at The Flower House with Jinger.  I will be helping Jinger with all things social media, administrative stuff around the office, and even helping a little bit with the floral designs. I have never worked with flowers before, but I’ve always thought they were pretty. J After my first week here, I already feel right at home and am so excited about the opportunities that this position will bring to me.


A little about myself, I am currently finishing up one last class at Las Positas College and I will be graduating from Franklin College Switzerland with my B.A. in Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies in May 2012. I spent the past two and a half years living and travelling around Europe, going to school in Southern Switzerland, but I am originally from the Tri-Valley. I was involved with many activities around my campus such as Programming Board where I planned and decorated for many events and also worked as a student scholar for a few conferences that were held through varying departments. With my degree I hope to go into non-profit advocacy for women’s rights. Right now I am still exploring the non-profit field by volunteering with varying organizations locally and nationwide.


Like I said, I am so excited to be here at The Flower House as my first job out of college. I love hearing about all of the weddings and events, being able to become more familiar with some of my favorite venues in and out of the area, and I truly love helping with all of the “behind the scenes” set-up in order to create any event a true success.

Hope to see you the next time you stop by!