Italian Elegance

WMBell [Bridal Party] Hazy Lane Studios-126 WMBell [Bridal Party] Hazy Lane Studios-138 WMBell [Bridal Party] Hazy Lane Studios-162 WMBell [Details] Hazy Lane Studios-6 WMBell [Details] Hazy Lane Studios-7 WMBell [Details] Hazy Lane Studios-30 WMBell [Details] Hazy Lane Studios-36 WMBell [Details] Hazy Lane Studios-37 WMBell [Details] Hazy Lane Studios-41 WMBell [Details] Hazy Lane Studios-43 WMBell [Details] Hazy Lane Studios-83 WMBell [Details] Hazy Lane Studios-84 WMBell [Details] Hazy Lane Studios-91 WMBell [Details] Hazy Lane Studios-96 WMBell [Details] Hazy Lane Studios-118 WMBell [Details] Hazy Lane Studios-122 WMBell [Details] Hazy Lane Studios-123 The beautiful bridal bouquet in all white, included roses and peonies, we added the brides own rosary beads and cross giving her bouquet her own personal touch.  The bridesmaids wore fun and vibrant dresses in watermelon, they carried blush pink bouquets of peonies, and calla lilies. The adorable flower girls carried hand tied bouquets of white roses and blush pink calla lilies. The groom wore a white rose boutonniere and the groomsmen wore simple and elegant blush calla lily.

The beautiful ceremony was held at St. Augustine's Church in Oakland while the reception was held at the Frattelanza Club in Oakland.  The family style tables were adorned with beautiful long wood box arrangements in whites, ivory, green, and blush pink, including Blush pink peonies, white hydrangea, blush garden roses, green snow balls, artichokes, kumquats, rosemary, and olive branches. The linens in crinkle olive from La Travolia Linens.

Thank you Hazy Lane Studios for the beautiful Photos!