Intimate and Beautiful Bridges Wedding

Aubergine and hot crimson were showcased at this exquisite The Bridges Golf Club Wedding.  The deep purples coordinated stunningly with Lamour eggplant table linens provided by Napa Valley Linens.  Lustrous matching eggplant napkins accented Bridges' rich, golden chargers.  Glowing Aubergine hydrangea, velvety Black Magic roses and burgundy dahlias were elegantly entwined in medium low lush arrangements set in mercury footed dishes to further enhance this passionate affair.  Napa Valley Linen's Paris Gold enrobed the beautiful wedding cake table.  The Black Calla Lily and Monkey Tail transformed the boutonnieres into exquisite accessories.  The entire venue was awash with champagne uplighting while glowing pinks and bright purples accented the dance floor.

These gorgeous photos are provided by Apollo Fotografie.