Dance, Dance, Dance

Dance, Dance, Dance... If that is the mantra of your wedding, then you need to check out these awesome custom dance floors!

Platinum Pro Custom Dance Floors was introduced to us by Preston Bailey, and we are just in love. They are based out of San Diego, but have locations across the US. We can't wait to be able to integrate one of these into one of our weddings. Every bride wants their wedding to be unique, and what is better than splashing your name, initials, or even picture all over your dance floor?

No matter what style you are going for; fun, glamorous, or formal, you can customize your dance floor in shape, color, and design. Gobo lights with initials used to be all the rage, they are quickly fading from the spotlight and these dance floors are rising in popularity. Using spotlights to highlight the designs, add more colors, or just create special effects can be used to enhance the dance floor as well.

You know how we feel about seating at weddings, especially near the dance floor. Lounge seating is a great way to integrate those who don't necessarily want to dance or can't into all the fun that takes place on the dance floor. Using customized dance floor shapes like these ones below, make the lounge seating even more integrated and more of a focus point.

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