Casa Amore 2011- A Beautiful Ceremony

00211 Look at this gorgeous ceremony scene taken by Augie Chang.  It takes our breath away.  So much going on, but everything flows to a romantic tune.  The black magic roses in a rounded altar arrangement draw the eye to the fireplace.  The different heights are lovely to accent the rounded arrangements.  The black magic roses are so romantic and elegant that the rest of the room must match it.  Elegant chandeliers from Fantasy Sound flow from the ceiling in varying heights.  The rest of the room is left fairly dark to give a dramatic feel with red spot light lining the aisle and a new pattern of gobos frame the altar. Harpist Krista Strader was pin spotted then surrounded by a thick ring of black magic roses and various heights of candles.   Vases of black magic roses are accented by flickering candles on the fireplace mantle.  Floating candles on the ground surround the altar pieces accenting that romantic feel.

What more can you say about such gorgeousness.  Wonderfully romantic and dramatic!