Carey & Morgan ~ A Joyous Reunion of Lavender, Whites, and Greens ~ Wente Vineyard Weddings

As I was flipping through Carey’s photos my friend happened to be sitting next to me and she said, “I don’t think there is one picture where she is not smiling”. I think this statement truly sums up what kind of a bride Carey was and what her wedding day  at Wente Vineyards exuded, pure joy. Not only do you see the joy and pure happiness on Carey and Morgan’s faces, you see it on every person who was a part of their special day. To begin this blog post, I chose to share this blissful photo of the children in Carey’s wedding, putting the petals from the aisle to good use. Thank you R. Lee Morris Photography for these photos.

Carey’s bouquets were one of my favorite parts of her wedding, they were classic yet fun, with great accents! Using Football Mums as a staple to the bouquet and accenting the textures within the white with some Callas to add a bit of sleekness. The white freesia was a nice tie in with rest of the green, putting pops of different shades of greens added a fun switch of colors with Scabiosa pods, Succulents, and Snowballs.  The contrast of the two very natural colors created a simple, fun, classic look for our blissful bride.  Carey chose to have her bridesmaids use similar flowers, with more touches of purple. Adding lavender roses and freesia really took their bouquets to a different feeling than Carey’s, but kept the textures feeling the same. For the Flower Girls, we created a small nosegay bouquet using similar flowers and colors as Carey’s. What little girl doesn’t want to feel like a mini bride?


I love it when bride’s decide to use florals to bring color and life to their ceremony, especially at an outside setting. Carey used petals, pew arrangements, and an altar arrangement. Doing this allows for a certain amount of continuity, and really allows everyone to feel submersed in the beauty that is your special day. The Altar arrangement brought the feeling of Carey’s bouquet and added light touches of the lavender that she had throughout the rest of her wedding.


The Football Mums added such great texture and structure to the arrangements that we used for Carey’s centerpieces.  Carey chose to keep all of her tables uniform, with the only variation being the ones that naturally come with the flowers themselves. It looked beautiful, with the crinkle pewter linens and the champagne up-lighting by Fantasy Sound. The bakery at Wente also created a beautiful cupcake display for Carey and Morgan. With a small cake for cutting on the top layer, and alternating chocolate and white cake cupcakes, it was perfect. And… each of the cupcakes had a strawberry baked into the middle. YUM! We decorated the top layer cake with Sweetpeas, Roses, and Snowballs, and then placed small bunches around the cupcakes for continuity.


Congratulations Carey and Morgan, thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your special day.