Calming Waters on Her Special Day- Ruby Hill Weddings

Jenni and her mother came in to meet with Jinger about her wedding, and the moment they walked in we knew there was something special about them. Not only was their mother-daughter bond palpable, they were also such sweet and caring people. As you look over Jenni and Bill’s wedding, at Ruby Hill Golf Course, with the blues, greens, and lots of water you can almost feel the peace and calmness that comes with water so often. Jenni wanted to use elements in her wedding which either actually used water or emulated the feel of water, and that was done successfully.


As always, after we learned a little about Jenni and how she envisioned her wedding as a whole we began to explore exactly how Jenni wanted to show her personality through her bouquet. Jenni is a teacher, and like many teachers likes things very clean and controlled, just like a classroom. Jenni chose to have a bouquet with White roses, white callas, and white mini cyms, while keeping everything controlled, she still have some beautiful variation with these three very different flower types.


Thank you to Lori Rittinger Photography for these beautiful shots!

While Jenni’s bouquet stood out as white and pure, her bridesmaids followed behind her with a similar shape, but with more color. Her bridesmaids bouquets also had white roses and callas, but brought some color into the palette with dark blue hydrangea and mini green cyms. The hydrangea helped to add some depth and calming to their bouquet, and the green cyms brought the same sort of texture that Jenni’s bouquet had.  Another special part of any wedding is the flower girl, and they often want to be just like the beautiful bride. Jenni played off this with one of my favorite options for a flower girl, and gave her flowergirl a small nosegay with shite flowers. The little girls usually love this, have no stress of throwing petals, and get to be just like the princess of the day, in this case, Jenni.


Another special part which often gets pushed aside from wedding blogs are the men and their boutonnieres. Jenni and Bill chose to keep the colors similar for the men yet, chose separate flowers to make the groom stand out on his special day as well. The groomsmen, as well as any special men in Jenni and Bill’s life such as fathers were given white roses. Bill chose to have the white mini cym for his boutonniere. Jenni and Bill were the only ones to have these beautiful flowers on their special day, and these delicate flowers truly are special.

Jenni wanted water to be a key part of her wedding, and so it was. These altar arrangements were created with black rocks and submerged orchids in an hour glass vase, and then had rounded blue, green and white arrangements put on top. Not only did the water create a beautiful element when the sun shone through it, but the colors of the flowers included in these arrangements brought about ideas of a warm body of water, where you can relax and feel safe.


Jenni and Bill also had their centerpieces, which were vases of submerged orchids and black rocks placed along the back of the first section of seats. When they were walking down the aisle, these submerged orchids brought more water into the day and also some much needed bright pops of color. These vases were carried into the reception area after, and placed in the center of each table with a floating candle.


After the ceremony, the altar arrangements were brought into the reception space, and placed behind Jenni and Bill’s sweetheart table.


Congratulations Jenni and Bill, thanks for allowing us to be a part of your wedding.