An Explosion of Purple at Casa Real


This weekend at Casa Real there was an explosion of purple! The entrance hall at Casa Real has big wooden doors, which contrasted nicely with this burst of purple Dendrobiums and Curly Willow at the guest book table. The Dendrobiums are set on top of a submerged Manzanita branch adorned with more of the beautiful purple Orchids. Also on the table are varying sizes of circular vases with floating candles. For this specific wedding a photo was also on the table where the guests could sign the matting around it.


Casa Real also has the lovely Amber Room for the ceremony, where we placed clusters of jewel-toned flowers with hanging Amaranthus atop bronze iron stands adorned with hanging crystals to give that extra glimmer. We love the Amber Room at Casa Real, it has a very romantic ambiance and a beautiful mantel which is easily tied into the rest of the wedding by placing floating candles and flowers that match the arrangements.


After the ceremony the flower clusters were moved into the Grand Salon where they were placed atop submerged Manzanita branches with attached orchids as centerpieces. The tables with the tall center pieces were highlighted by spot lighting, this type of lighting really makes a dramatic effect and highlights the statement you are trying to make.  The table linens by Napa Valley Linens were eggplant lamour with black lamour satin napkins. We love the printed napkin rings that were provided by Unveiled, the print on the napkin ring matches the sweetheart table linen and pulls it all together.


Casa Real has great spaces for weddings from the Amber Room to the Grand Salon, both of which are so versatile for every different style of wedding. Bringing in flower arrangements and bold colors really allow you to create the space that you want for your special day.