A Vintage Wedding

IMG_0585 Vintage and retro-inspired weddings seem to be all the rage these days.  The Flower House along with Sugar Rush Events contributed to one of these weddings and it turned out quite cute.  The client used her own vintage bottles and threw in some mason jars, milk jugs, and milk glass from Milk Glass Vintage Rentals in Pleasanton.  The Flower House created individual arrangements for each bottle and then grouped three or four bottles together as the arrangement for each table.  Then the arrangements were placed in vintage crates and adorned with a table number and a few books.  The look together has a definite vintage vibe that comes through with the books and crates.  The rest of the table is kept simple with white tablecloths and wooden chairs.  The centerpieces are clean and simple, but still have a lot of character.  We made the arrangements in each individual jar with differing heights and different flowers so that each had it's own look and feel.


The cake table with it's vintage suitcase full of goodies and a few arrangements interspersed is also very cute.  The cake has pink and purple flowers at different angles.  The table scene has a cool yellow door behind it that also contributes to the overall vintage feel.  The linens on the cake table are a vintage looking, off-white lace.  Each bottle had it's own unique character and they were placed throughout the room to tie the whole look together.

The whole retro look and feel is tied together beautifully through the flower arrangements and other details like the suitcase and books.  The retro idea shines through and it was a vintage wedding indeed!