A Set of Different Styles of Bouquets

Bouquets can vary greatly in shapes and size depending on the bride's preference. These changes in bouquets may only be slight, but they make a big difference in the over all look and feel of the bouquet. P1000748

First is an all around purple bouquet that shows different shades of lavender to dark purple.  Lavender roses, purple lisianthus, and purple stock give this bouquet a tight and controlled feel. Each flower can be seen from every angle and gives the bouquet a very rounded look, but is still very fun and bold colors.


The next bouquet is also tight and controlled with a rounded feel. The white and pink give it a classic, elegant bridal look.  The white callas give the bouquet some dimension, while the white and pink roses make it feel very classic.


This next one shows off vibrant hydrangea, green berries, and supergreen roses. The bouquet has a very gardeny feel with the greens. It has a lot of dimension and is not quite as controlled with the hydrangea and berries. There is a bit more drama in a bouquet like this and is a very beautiful color different from a white-only bouquet.


This bouquet is the definition of drama and color. Mango callas, purple lisianthus, black magic roses, and deep red coxcomb give this bouquet an unstructured and very fun feel. All sorts of different dimensions and color make this bouquet stand all on its own.