A Modern Green Wedding

A little change of pace for a modern and bright wedding brought to you by The Flower House and Sugar Rush Events! mj042-450x299A contrast of bright blues and greens make up these modern table arrangements.  Super green roses and blue bella donna make up the majority of the bright palate. Little green berries are tucked in along with few pops of purple at the top.  Peacock feathers give it a modern twist along with a few monkey tails. The arrangement definitely has drama with the varying heights and lots of bright colors. A different pace from muted colors of course, but beautiful all on it's own.

mj014-450x299We definitely wanted to show this modern twist on a boutenniere.  A single peacock feather adorned with berries on the bottom and a few pieces of bear grass swept to the side.  A modern concept that ties together the peacock theme with the table arrangements and the bride's bouquet.


mj039-450x299A little glimpse of the bride's bouquet along with her bridesmaids. The bouquets showcased super green roses and blue bella donna with a few lime green orchids tucked in. The peacock feathers were also added to the bride's bouquet for that modern twist. A great concept that worked beautifully with the green vines and beautiful grounds of Garre Vineyards!