A Classic Affair at The Ritz

We had the great privilege of working with Sugar Rush Events last August for the most spectacular wedding at The Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Francisco.  We had a bride that was of pure elegance that new the finer things in life and what could they bring for her wedding.  With over two hundred guests to fill the beautiful ballroom of the Ritz she wanted no one to feel left out so all the tables of rectangles and squares (wanted a clean modern feel) got tall full abundant florals and small clusters of flower underneath. The Bride wanted simple bouquet of all white calla lilies and her bridesmaids wearing a celadon green had a stunning mix of blush pink calla lilies.  To continue the simple elegance miniature cymbidium orchids were worn for the men's boutonnieres.

Getting that amount of flowers and supplies from Livermore to San Francisco in our commercial vans seemed to be a little more challenging so we had to rent a 26 foot refrigerated truck to store all the flowers and use it to transport into the big city. An adventure it was!  It was the most rewarding of our career!  A special Thank you to Verite Photography for these amazing photos!

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