Featured in "Floral Managment- The Floral Business Authority"!

We were so excited this weekend to receive a package in the mail with a special magazine and note. A photo of our very own, Jinger Leonard, was featured on the cover of Floral Management, The Floral Business Authority, and inside was a 6 page article featuring, The Flower House. The article was titled, “’Til Online Reviews Do Us Part”, and was all about the importance of online reviews, how to receive more positive ones, and how to ensure you are truly represented within those reviews. The Flower House has somewhere around 90 reviews on any of the popular review sites for bridal vendors such as Weddingwire.com, The Knot, or even Yelp,  and we were honored to be featured in this piece.


The article lists 5 sure-fire ways to receive rave reviews; 1) Giver her the attention she deserves, 2) Decipher her style, 3) Address the thorny issues upfront, specifically, the cost and flower availability, 4) Don’t let her look like a fool, and 5) Eliminate (at least some of) her worries. Jinger and The Flower House feel they are familiar with and have mastered these 5 steps. That is seen through the many positive reviews online, but she also takes it a step further in many cases.

The article does a great job of talking about the importance of being professional with clients, but also being a professional. Being a professional in the industry is extremely important and allows you to make sure your brides are receiving the most up-to-date arrangements and stylings. The Flower House prides itself on staying on top of event industry trends. Knowing what is going on in all areas of the industry allows you to understand where your brides are coming from, and where you can take them. Brides are coming to us and entrusting their wedding to us, when they are able to see that we are an authority and a professional within the industry they are much more at ease.

Another important aspect that The Flower House highlights with each of its brides is that of uniqueness. Every bride is different, you can refer back to your photos from other weddings, you can recall what their relatives or friends had at their weddings, but letting the bride know that they are special makes all the difference. We see it over and over here in the office, brides are constantly thinking about themselves and their special day. When you let them know that you see them as unique, special, and one-of-a kind, they also begin to believe that you are only creating for them. We may have 3 or 4 other weddings going on the same day, but we truly do believe that taking care of each bride on an individual level is the best way to create.


In this business we are counting on and working towards happy marriages, therefore we don’t count on return customers…unless it is for their baby shower or birthday party. Referrals are everything in creating a reputation for your self, and with the power of the internet it is important to harness it. By making sure you are consistent you can make sure that the reviews are positive, but you also need to make sure you realize who you are as a floral design company. When you are secure in yourself as a brand, you are able to employ the criticism from the reviews. Although some reviewers may leave negative comments, don’t get to down on yourself. Think about the situation as a whole, where you can learn from this situation, and get ready for your next bride!